Paperclip Diaper Backpack Bag Review

Paperclip Diaper Backpack Bag Review
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(Last Updated On: May 24, 2020)

A diaper bag is sure way of reducing the stress mothers passes through while nursing their babies. The Paperclip manufacturers are aware of that and so they made available the Paperclip Diaper Backpack Bag. This review will give you an idea about the utility of the product. Read on!

Features of the Paperclip Diaper Backpack Bag

The Paperclip Diaper Backpack Bag is such a handy bag that one would find very useful. Made from E-Z Clean simulated leather material, It appears both fashionable and durable, colored gray with a touch of brown and chrome.

Paperclip Diaper Backpack Bag Review

The front flap of the bag is large and completely opens giving you a clear view of the bags’ contents and easy access to them as well. The inner compartment is wide too, and there is an outer laptop compartment where you can put your laptops, phones and other gadgets. Inside the Paperclip diaper backpack bag are two mesh pockets, one is zippered while the other is velcro (Hook and Loop).

There are also little pockets on both sides of the bag, useful for putting wipes and other handy materials. You can store your laptops, tablets or even book in the back pocket. However, not one of the pockets are insulated. The Zippers are very sturdy and made from high quality metal so it does not spoil easily, when you zip you, be rest assured that the contents inside the bag are secured.Paperclip Diaper Backpack Bag Review

It features a detachable changing station made from leather which you will find as you open the flap; the changing station is water-resistant and also anti-microbial, it is safe to use and protects your baby from rolling off with privacy sidewalls.

The bag can easily be converted from a backpack to a messenger bag. It is lightweight, portable and a travel-friendly diaper backpack bas as it has a roller luggage pass-through sleeve. If you are the type that loves taking your baby out in strollers, this bag has stroller straps, a really long one that can be used to easily attach it to a stroller.



  • No Insulated Pockets


This bag is recommended for purchase by anyone looking for a diaper bag, or a backpack bag in general. It is simple and yet highly sophisticated, people seeing you carrying this bag are likely to ask you where you bought it so they can get theirs.

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