Evecase Baby Diaper Backpack Review

Evecase Baby Diaper Backpack Review
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(Last Updated On: May 24, 2020)

Getting quality and the cost-effective product is often difficult, especially when it comes to a product like a diaper bag, which you will most certainly use every other day. You are likely to go online to read reviews about recommended diaper bags you can buy. If you do so or if you have done so, you would come across the Evecase Baby Diaper Backpack, which will be reviewed in this article.

Features of the Evecase Baby Diaper Backpack

Features of the Evecase Baby Diaper BackpackThe Evecase Baby Diaper Bag is a quality Backpack that was made to last from high quality and waterproof polyester fabric. This diaper backpack bag looks like a regular bag you see high school and college kids carrying, but believe me it is more useful than that, especially to nursing mothers. The design is stylishly and unisex, so whether you are a mother or father, you can make use of it. The bag has a lot of storage space and allows you to carry your items in a more organized manner with 9 different compartments.Evecase Baby Diaper Backpack

The main compartment is large and is divided so you have different storage options. The Evercase Baby Diaper Backpack is one with so many pockets, up to 14 of them. There is a top zippered storage pocket, a front velcro storage pocket and zippered sleeves on the left and right side of the bag. The insulated pockets are there to keep your baby bottles and baby foods warm. There is also a zippered pocket where you can input your diaper wipes and access them quickly.Evecase Baby Diaper bag

The Evercase Baby Diaper Backpack is a light weight diaper bag, to give you total comfort as you hang this backpack; the bag has padded shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are adjustable so anyone can adjust to fit their body size, they are meshed too so they are breathable. It also comes along with 2 stroller straps, you can easily hook it with a stroller as you set out. You get a diaper Changing pad and a diaper pouch case when you purchase this diaper bag. It is also an easy to clean diaper bag as you can just wipe clean.Evecase


  • Light weight
  • Stroller Straps
  • Changing pad
  • Shoulder Straps


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Definitely, this is very functional diaper bag. It offers you great support and it is also super comfortable to use. Having much space including many pockets makes it something you would want to have. It is recommended for purchase.

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