Top 8 Best Baby Carrier Rain Covers

best baby carrier rain covers
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(Last Updated On: October 5, 2020)

Among the most important items that every parent living in countries with four seasons need to be fully prepared in keeping their babies warm when going out for the day.

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1. Bebamour Universal Hoodie Carrier Cover

Bebamour Universal Hoodie All Season Carrier Cover for Baby Carrier (Dark Purple)A budget-friendly carrier cover, you can take the Bebamour Carrier Cover at less than $30. It can help cover all types of baby carriers and can be used to shield your little one from the weather, all-year-round!

The fabric used in creating this carrier cover is lightweight that should keep your baby comfortable during the summer season and offers enough insulation when the winter season comes. Plus, it is also made from water-repellant materials so you do not have to worry about running like crazy when the rain surprised you on the streets.

It also comes with a detachable hood that you can use as needed, as well as functional features such as side zippers and pockets for hiding stuff or keeping your hands warm.

This carrier cover can accommodate infants and up to 5-year-olds. And it does not matter if you love carrying your baby on the back or in front because the cover can be used either way. It does not end there! This carrier cover can also be used as a nursing cover, a poncho, or as a stroller cover.

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2. Ergobaby Winter Weather Cover

Ergobaby Fleece Lined Winter Weather Cover, BlackThis winter weather Carrier Cover from Ergobaby will help keep your little one cozy, regardless of the weather— allowing you and your baby to go for an adventure, all year round!

A water-resistant cover, its nylon outer shell is integrated with warm fleece linings that should keep your baby dry and cozy during a sudden pour. Most suitable for Ergobaby’s carriers, this cover snaps easily attached to the cover of the shoulder strap and drawstring adjustments on the carrier hood and leg pouch for the perfect fit.

It can be folded on the go for easy access so that you can quickly set it up when the weather turns ugly. For easy cleaning, Ergobaby Winter Weather Cover can be machine washed.

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3. BabyBjorn Cover for Baby Carriers

BABYBJORN Cover for Baby Carrier - BlackIf you use BabyBjorn carriers to carry your little one for a walk in the park, then this carrier cover from BabyBjorn is the perfect accessory for parents who need to keep their child dry and warm when it is snowing or raining outside.

The material that is used for this baby carrier’s inner part is cotton for your baby’s ultimate comfort and fleece material on its outer shell cover to be windproof and repel water, ensuring optimum protection from the harsh weather.

Its materials are carefully selected to be safe for kids that you do not have to worry about your baby chewing on it. It also includes a detachable hood which you can use in order to cover your little one completely and keep them safe.

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4. Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover

Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover (River Blue)The Cadillac of winter baby carrier covers, the Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover is suited for 3 seasons— spring, winter, and fall. You can just adjust your clothing accordingly.

Unlike BabyBjorn and Ergobaby, this carrier cover is designed to suit most carriers available in the market today. Although not waterproof, it is water-resistant that should keep your baby dry in case of unexpected rain.

It does not exactly have a hood, however, it has a cinchable flap that can be used in order to keep your baby safe from the rain, snow or wind. Plus, it can be worn in the back, side or front.

Not like other carrier covers out there, this one can be worn over both you and your little one. It comes in one size that fits most parents carrying their baby.

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5. Lucky Baby Double Fleece Winter Cover

Stroller Cover and Baby Carrier Cover. Double Fleece Winter Cover - Fits Onto All Carriers & Strollers. Adjustable with Hoodie. 5-in-1 Multipurpose. GreyThis carrier cover is suitable for any carrier or stroller, including BabyBjorn, CuddleBug, Infantino, Boba, and Ergo. Featuring double fleece and seam sealed design, it guarantees to keep your baby stay warm and comfortable even on the windiest and coldest days. It is stronger, thicker and more luxurious that you do not need to double up your baby’s jacket again.

Versatile and practical, this carrier cover offers great value for your money. You can use it as baby carrier cover, stroller cover, blankie, nursing cover or kid’s poncho. It can hook onto most baby carriers and strollers so you do not have to buy multiple items. Plus, it also includes a drawstring at the bottom in order to create a snugly and warm pouch for your little one’s feet.

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6. Ergobaby Water Resistant Carrier Cover

Ergobaby Water Resistant Carrier CoverAnother item from Ergobaby, this one is a much better accessory when the skies turn gray on your little walk to the park. The Ergobaby Rain Cover for baby carriers helps protect your little one from the rain and gushing wind. It has a compact cover which folds easily for an on the go access and the water-resistant shell ensures that your baby and the carrier are dry.

It also comes fully equipped with an elasticized hood for full protection and a drawstring pouch to adjust for a cozy and snug fit. It can be carried in 3 positions— hip, back or front— whichever you prefer.

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7. Manito Baby Carrier Warmer and Cover

Manito Shiny Skin Infant Carrier Warmer / Bunting / Stroller Footmuff - Red (4 Available Colors)A multipurpose bunting bag, the Manito Shiny Skin can be used as a cover for car seats, strollers, and carriers. This cover is compatible for all baby carriers in the market today, regardless on the thickness of the shoulder strap and can be used wither on backpack position or facing the baby.

Its premium outer layer is made from windproof and water-repellent polyester fabric that shields your little one from the cold, wind, snow and rain. Its inner layers are composed of very soft Ef Velboa fabric that is softer and warmer than regular fleece. Also featuring hi-tech laser quilts, this carrier cover is much more resistant to wind and water than regular quilts and much more durable than regular quilted items.

This carrier cover comes fully equipped with a large front pocket that should keep your hands warm as well as keeping personal belongings like keys and phones. It also has an adjustable strap in the hood for covering your baby’s head for added protection from the elements.

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8. Zicac Cover for Baby Carrier

Zicac Cover for Baby Carrier Infant Hoodie Universal All Season Freestyle Carrier Cover (Gray)Suitable for all types of wraps, slings, and baby carriers, the Zicac Baby Carrier Cover is a must-have item for both nursing moms and parents who need a simple way of carrying their baby.

Made form charpie materials, this carrier cover provides a snug fit for your baby and has a high-quality, durable construction that should last for many years. Fully equipped with a detachable hood, you can provide extra protection for your baby when the weather becomes too harsh.

This carrier cover is very easy to attach on baby carriers with just a few straps. If you need to warm your hands during a chilly, morning walk, then its hand pockets can be quite useful or you can use it to safely store your valuable items.

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Most Common FAQs Answered

Why should I buy carrier covers?

Baby carriers are the most preferred items by aren’t when transporting or carrying their little one. However, most baby carriers are not fully equipped to protect babies from the harsh weather and elements.

Parents can opt for jackets and pajamas, but for a complete protection and comfort, carrier covers are the best accessory there is. Carrier covers are designed to be water resistant if not waterproof and windproof that will keep babies comfortable on a chilly walk.

Will carrier cover support my baby?

Carrier covers are designed to be attached to a baby carrier. In order to support your baby, you will need to use a baby carrier. However, there are some items, which can be used as both carriers and covers.

Can carrier covers be used in strollers?

There are some carrier covers designed to be an all-around cover, protecting babies from the harsh weather. And yes, there are some carrier covers that can double as a stroller covers as well as baby car seat covers.

Can a carrier cover help in keeping my baby warm?

Carrier covers are designed to protect your little one from the harsh weather outside. They do have additional layers that should keep your baby warm, however, it is still important that you dress your baby accordingly and always monitor home or her to ensure that he or she is not too cold or hot on the cover.

How do I wash a carrier cover?

Most carrier covers can be thrown on the washing machine. It is advisable not to use bleach or fabric softener when cleaning your carrier cover. Always refer to the washing instruction for best results.


Regardless of how cozy a stroller is, babies like to be cradled in your arms best! And most parent prefers baby carriers when taking their babes to the park for some fresh air. However, toting your love without the proper protection against the harsh weather can be a big mistake and cause your adorable little one to get sick after a great time outside.

So, don’t waste another second and try one of the best baby carrier covers above and be sure to keep your baby warm and fuzzy on your daily walk.

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