Back Pain During Pregnancy
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(Last Updated On: May 24, 2020)

During pregnancy, every woman will experience some sort of back pain, including lower back pain. There are lots of methods to give relief from back pain and prevent it. Back pain causes difficulties for pregnant women during delivery time.

Causes of Back Pain

True back pain: This kind of back pain is caused due to poor postures, injuries, weak muscles and misplacement of ligaments and discs. This kind of back pain gets worse if the muscles strain a lot and also due to the over-stretching of the ligaments. This kind of back pain is common for all men and women due to some factors like over weight lifting, standing on the feet for more time and doing ligament stretching movements.

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• Pelvic Girdle Pain{PGP}: During pregnancy, most women will experience this kind of back pain. This pain arises due to pregnancy and need to be treated differently than other ordinary back pain. A small percentage of pregnant women will experience inflammation or pressure from the back due to the malfunction of the sciatica nerve. There are some symptoms to be noticed during pregnancy like symphysis pubis dysfunction {SPD}. Dysfunction arises due to pain in the pubic area. It is necessary to consult a doctor if this kind of symptom arises for a long time.

Preventing Back Pain

Preventing Back Pain pregnancy

Massage: Massage helps in relieving backache and makes you feel comfortable in handling the pregnancy. Gently massage the abdomen muscles, spinal muscles and lower back muscles of your back. Before practicing this activity, please use a trained massage therapist or else take advice form your doctor.

Walking/Jogging: This is the best exercise preferred by all doctors to be active and fit without any pains and struggles. Doing this activity during your pregnancy helps you stay safe during delivery time. Walking makes your muscles strong enough to handle the delivery situation and moreover, it gives relief from your backaches.

Heat and water: Bathing with warm water allows your muscles to be free from contrast and enables easy movement of all your body muscles without any backaches.

Stretchable exercises: Yoga is the most preferred stretchable exercise during pregnancy period, as the muscles movement is done freely without any pain. Doing this exercise under proper guidance is suggested .

Swimming: Swimming allows your body to be fit and active all the time during your pregnancy. This exercise also helps in getting back your original shape after delivery. This exercise gives better result in relieving the back pain for sure.

Using Support Belt: This kind of supports belts are especially designed for pregnant women in getting relief from back pain.

Using Pregnant Pillows: Pregnant pillows helps in reducing back pain while sleeping. They give extra support to your tummy .

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