Top 25 Best Baby Winter Hats

Have your baby look stylish while also keeping them comfy in cold weather with these winter baby hats!

baby winters hats
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(Last Updated On: May 28, 2020)

Bye summer and hello winter! The cold days are here again! And it’s just the time to ensure your little one stays warm with all parts of their body, especially their head, are protected from the elements.

And what else would guarantee this other than a good winter hat? It is essential that you keep your eyes out for only top quality hats for your baby.

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Reviews of the Best Baby Winter Hats

Winter hats do not have to be boring to serve their purpose, definitely not in our experience! In this article, we’ll share a top list of the most well-received, functional, and stylish hats for your baby.

Yes, your baby can look brilliant in winter too! Aside from protecting your baby’s head from the biting cold or snowflakes, the beautifully designed hats are made from quality materials for your baby’s utmost comfort.


1. Carhartt Kids Acrylic Watch Hat

Carhartt Kids Acrylic Watch Hat, best winter baby hatMany baby hats have various bits and bobs added to their design, however, something simple and functional might often look a lot better. This baby winter hat from Carhartt is available in a large number of color options, so you can be sure you’ll find the one that fits your baby the best.

It’s made of 100% acrylic and is thick enough to protect your little one in the winter cold, even outdoors. If simple but functional is what you’re looking for, then this winter baby hat might be the best option, seeing how overwhelmingly positive its reviews are.

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2. N’Ice Caps Fleece Baby Hat & Mitten Set

N'Ice Caps Little Boys and Baby Buffalo Plaid Fleece Trooper Hat Mitten Set, best baby winter hatAs one of the warmest baby winter hats on our list, this hat and mitten set from N’Ice will make sure your little one stays warm even in the harshest winter weather. Not only are these baby hats available in a multitude of colors, but multiple sizes as well. Across all sizes, this hat can fit children from 3 months to 7 years old.

The fleece material is soft and comfortable to wear and makes up both the hat as well as the gloves. The hat has earflaps as well as an extension to cover the back of the head, fully encompassing the little one’s head and ensuring that they’ll stay warm in any weather.

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3. XiFe Newborn Cool Boy Nursery Beanie

XiFe Baby Cool Boy Girls Beanie Hospital Hat Cotton Adjustable Knot CapThis adjustable cap is made from soft, hospital-grade material. The Cool Boy hat can be easily adjusted, seeing how infant head sizes may vary by a lot.

Made of 100% cotton, it also moderately priced and the neutral color palette can be donned on any garment color. You can read up user reviews and buy now on Amazon.

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4. Crazy Baby Clothing

Crazy Baby Clothing Infant Kids Soft Cute Lovely Knit Hat Beanies CapNot every clothing brand can effortlessly offer fashion, comfort, and function in one grand piece. However, this hat from Crazy Baby Clothing is proof that you can get all three. Made from 100% cotton, it is luxuriously soft and lightweight. The beanie hat is available in a wide range of colors and can easily blend with other baby outfits colors.

Also, the hat is stretchable, thus perfectly fits various head sizes. It would also make an excellent gift this season for the little ones. Get one of these hats on Amazon.

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5. The QandSweet Baby Boy’s Beanie Hat

Qandsweet Baby Boy's Hat Kids Cool Knit Beanie Hats Toddlers Caps (4 Pack Boy), best winter baby hatQand Sweet Baby Boy’s Beanie Hat is on our list of favorites for good reasons. It is one hat that has been specifically designed for baby boys but looks just as dashing on girls! It comes in various sizes, shapes, and ornamentation. This sophisticated hat comes with extra fabric that hangs down the head – classic beanie style.

Designed for kids between 6 months to 5 years, it is made of a blend of cotton and other comfortable materials and can be worn on both sides. It is also airy and comfortable especially for kids and toddlers that may not be comfortable with extra clutter on their heads.

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6. LOCOMO Baby Pompom Accessories

LOCOMO Baby Infant Boy Girl Knit Beanie Crochet Rib Pom Pom Hat Cap Warm, best baby hat for winterThis breathable pompom hat is beautifully and intricately knitted to protect your baby on cold days. On the not-so-cold days, your baby enjoys the same protection but without the excessive sweating common with most winter caps.

The affordable hat is a perfect blend of cotton and polyester and offers your toddler both comfort and function on cold days. For a good fit, it may only be worn by toddlers between 1-3 years old.

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7. Eriso Unisex Striped Bear Soft Knitted Beanie

Eriso Unisex Baby Striped Bear Cap Soft Knitted Beanie Newborn Hat, best baby winter hatThis hat is just what the doctor ordered for your newborn. Eriso Unisex Newborn Hat is 100% cotton, incredibly soft and beautifully knitted. This machine-wash hat is affordable, durable, and breathable.

The smiling bear design is also lively and aptly depicts playfulness. The Eriso beanie comes in chic colors that can be worn in combination with any other attire color and is suitable for newborns. There’s a drawback, however, as it is not available for preemies. But hey, preemies grow pretty fast, so you might want to order ahead.

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8. Oenbopo Mother Daughter Winter Beanies

2PCS Parent-Child Hat, Mother Child Daughter Son Baby Winter Warm Soft Knit Hat Family Crochet Beanie Ski Cap with Pom Pom, best baby winter hatThis baby winter hat combo includes two pieces: one for mama and one for the baby! Besides its function, you’ll certainly enjoy the look of admiration this hat will fetch you. This hand-knitted hat is skin-friendly and will keep your baby warm outdoors and indoors. 

It is highly durable and easy to care for – simply toss the hat in the washer for a thorough cleaning and it’s as good as new. The beanie hat is suitable for babies between 6-36 months.

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9. Foxnovo Caterpillar-Style Handmade Beanie Hat & Custome

Foxnovo Cute Caterpillar Style Baby Infant Newborn Handmade Crochet Beanie Hat Clothes Baby Photograph Props, best winter hat for babyThis unique and colorful, hand-crocheted pair of hat and body stocking will transform your newborn into the cutest little caterpillar ever! The breathable and elastic outfit will make the perfect protection against cold this winter and can also serve as a unique baby shower gift.

The extra-soft and super-affordable hat is designed for babies between 3 and 9 months.  Need a cute outfit for your baby’s next photograph? In that case, this would be the perfect product for you.

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10. Twinklebelle Cotton Knit Hat

Twinklebelle Beautiful Cotton Knit Hats, Great Gifts for Kids , best baby winter hatWith this insanely cute beanie hat from Vancouver based designers Twinklebelle, you won’t have to worry about your child’s health and comfort since your baby will be thoroughly protected from the biting winter cold. The hat comes with earflaps for better protection of the entire head, which is extremely important at such a young age.

Designed with Sherpa lining, it provides a great deal of warmth and comfort in both windy and cold days. The chin strap holds the hat in place on windy days and whenever your baby tries to get it off.

The Sherpa lined hat offers sweet warmth for both toddlers and kids up to six years of age and comes in multiple sizes. You can check out the amazing reviews from other buyers and order on Amazon.

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11. Dreshow Bqubo Hat

DRESHOW BQUBO Newborn Hospital Hat Infant Baby Hat Cap Big Bow Nursery Beanie , best baby hat for winterFor us, this cap was like love at first sight! The girly cap is perfect for those first baby girl photos. The hat comes with a scarf to ensure that your little one is as warm as possible in the cold months.

The stretchy fabric grants the perfect types of comfortable protection from cold your baby deserves. This particular model is recommended for children who are 3-24 months old. You can get hats for smaller babies as well but they won’t exactly work well in winters. Get it now on Amazon!

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12. Gellwhu Sparkle Gem Newborn Baby Girl Nursery Beanie

Gellwhu 1-5pcs Sparkle Gem Newborn Baby Girl Nursery Beanie Hospital Hat With Bow, best baby hat winterDesigned for babies between 0-3 months old, this nursery beanie hat is made from hospital grade materials and is available in five beautiful colors. You can buy just one piece or opt for the full collection.

The beautifully designed hat is fitted with a giant bow held in place and a faux gem clip, making just the perfect girly beanie that would look great on your newborn. It has to be said though that this and similar hats are not fit for use outdoors in very cold weather. They’re designed more for use indoors, when your house might not be the warmest.

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13. Leegor Newborn Infant Knitted Wool Crochet Cap

Baby Hat,Leegor Newborn Infant Knitting rosette Wool Crochet Hat Soft Cap, best winter hat for babyThis knitted infant hat faultlessly blends fashion with function. One way this winter hat from Leegor does this is simply by being one of the cheapest baby winter hats out there. This knitted wool cap will protect your infant from cold during winter, while also being stylish. Six different color options are available for these knitted hats.

Made of pure wool, the hat is designed with a cute little bow on top and it would look absolutely dashing on your infant paired with a nice sweater and pants.

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14. L’oved Baby Organic Infant Cap

L'ovedbaby Unisex-Baby Organic Infant Cap, best baby hat for winter

L'ovedbaby Unisex-Baby Organic Infant Cap, best baby hat for winterL’oved Baby Organic Infant Cap is on our list for one major reason (among multiple other reasons of course): the hats are made of 100% high-quality organic cotton. This hat is not only super-comfortable and top-quality; it comes in several different sizes to fit different baby head sizes and shapes.

Designed by Carter, the brand even makes special sizes for preterm babies. The breathable and machine wash caps are available in several beautiful colors and can be comfortably worn both outdoors and indoors. It is available in these sizes: Newborn/Preemie (4-7 lbs), 0-3m, 3-6m and 6-12m. Unfortunately, this baby hat is also not insulated enough for deep winter cold and is fit more for late autumn – early winter weather, or just for being indoors.

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15. Gerber Baby Boys’ 5-pack caps

Gerber Baby Boys' 5 Pack Caps, best baby winter hatThe Gerber brand has earned a reputation in the clothing industry so you probably already know about them. This time, they simply outdid themselves with these newborn baby boy caps. The 100% cotton is soft to the touch and can be machine washed and tumble dried, making it one of the easiest to care for on our list.

You get all five caps for the price you would get just one pricy hat. However, there’s the same downside to these Gerber baby hats as with some of the previous infant caps – they are not insulated well enough for wintery outdoor weather. Regardless, these caps are specially designed for baby boys, though your baby girl would look just as cute!

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16. Zutano Unisex Baby Fleece Hat

Zutano Unisex Baby Fleece Hat, best winter baby hatThis adorable hat is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, it is extremely soft, easy to wash and available in up to 11 different sizes for kids between 0 – 2 years of age. This fleece baby winter hat is also available in 14 different colors and these colors would blend well with virtually all your baby’s clothing collections.

The hats are designed with comfortable cotton interlock bands on the ears for extra fit. Worn alongside other winter ensembles, your baby will be just the perfect bundle of cuteness with their new bear ears!

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17. Redess Winter Baby Boy’s Hat

REDESS Baby Kids Winter Warm Fleece Lined Hats, Infant Toddler Children Beanie Knit Cap Girls Boys, best baby hat for winterThe stylish Redess Winter Baby Boy’s hat is a mesh of function and style. It is effortlessly trendy without the excessive design found in some kiddies’ hats. 

Made of wool, the hat is breathable; your baby’s head is kept warm without getting overheated. The two-layered protection of pure fleece and knitting ensures your baby keeps warm and comfortable at all times this winter. 

The brand even offers a full refund if you are unsatisfied with your purchase but with all of the positive reviews, it’s quite unlikely that you’d want to send this lovely baby winter hat back!

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18. Connectyle Toddler Winter Hat

Connectyle Toddler Boys Girls Fleece Lined Knit Kids Hat with Earflap Winter Hat, best baby winter hatThis acrylic beanie hat from Connectyle offers just the protection your toddler needs to stay warm this winter. This handwash hat is lined with pure, soft fleece for extra comfort and protection.

It comes in several colors and sizes to pick from for your babies and toddlersIt is also designed with earflaps long enough to cover most of the baby’s head and affords your toddler a relaxed fit for added comfort.

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19. Lotify Baby Cotton Knit Hat 6-pack

6 Pack Toddler Infant Baby Cotton Soft Cute Knit Kids Hat Beanies Cap, best baby winter hatThese packs of hats are made of pure cotton and are comfortable and durable for babies. If you are looking for a hat to keep your newborn warm and cozy, then this cap is highly recommended. The hand washable hats are available in two sizes which together cover kids of ages between 0 and 4 years.

It is stylish and comes in several adorable designs and shapes. It is also easy to wear and can be paired with your baby’s other winter outfits. While these baby winter hats from Lotify might not be the best for outdoor activities in harsh winter, they will keep your baby’s head warm and comfortable in chilly weather.

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20. Meily TM Warm Beanie Knit Hat Girl

Meily(TM) Warm Beanie Knit Hat Cute Big Flower Baby Kids Infant Toddler Girl, winter baby hatThis hat would make a perfect gift this season for your baby girl, granddaughter or even as a baby shower gift. The knitted baby winter hat features a beautiful flower at the front side – a fusion of function and style that will leave your baby looking comfortably stylish this winter.

Specifically designed for babies between 4 – 24 months, it can also fit head sizes ranging between 13”– 16.54”

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21. ECYC Newborn Beanie Hat With Dolls

ECYC Newborn Baby Bear Hat Beanie With Bear Dolls Photography accessories, best baby hat for winterThe ECYC Newborn Beanie Hat is definitely one of the best baby hats with earflaps for newborns. The adjustable hat is soft and does not scratch against the baby’s delicate skin. They also guaranteed free returns and refunds but you can bet your last dollar that you would not need to do that!

The cartoon style unisex hat is perfectly designed for babies between 0 to 3 months of age and comes with 1 knitted bear plushy. It is absolutely the perfect costume for newborn first photographs. The cute hat is available in multiple color options to complement any of your little one’s existing outfits.

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22. Zando Soft Cute Hat

Zando Toddler Baby Winter Hat Soft Warm Earflap Beanies Infant Knit Cute Caps for Boys Girls, best baby winter hatZando Soft Cute Hats can be worn outdoors or indoors on cold days. The adorable hat is made for toddlers who are 3 months to 5 years old, depending on the head size. The soft breathable hat completely covers all parts of the baby’s head that can suffer most from cold weather.

This baby winter hat from Zando is made of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic on the outside and is lined with 100% cotton. It also* comes in different colors and will surely complement your toddler’s existing winter wear.

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23. Bellady Cute Boy Girl Beanie Hat

bellady Cute Boy Girl Trendy Baby Toddler Hat Knit Beanie Warm Winter Cap, best winter hat for babyThis stretchable cute baby winter hat is great for everyday use with its simple yet beautiful design. Made of 80% acrylic and 20% cotton, the soft, breathable hat protects the head from the harsh winter weather.

It is covered with a soft lining inside for added protection and comfort. The hat will fit a child’s head with a circumference of 16″- 18″. The hat itself is 9″ high, so, if your toddler is within this category, you should hurry up and get this hat now!

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24. Spasilk Baby-Boys Newborn Hats

Spasilk Baby-Boys Newborn 5 Pack Cotton Hats, best winter baby hatsThese hats are available in sets of 5 which include multiple designs and colors. Made from pure cotton, your newborn can enjoy a cozy time in winter, though not outdoors, as these hats might be to thin for chilly weather. Regardless, the hats are completely stretchable, comfortable, and you can be certain your baby’s delicate skin will not be irritated from wearing it.

The pack offers you unbeatable cuteness, softness, and practicality, seeing how the hats are machine washable. They are available in blue dino colors and suitable for babies between 0-6 months.

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25. Galabloomer Newborn Baby Knot Hat

Glabloomer Newborn Baby Adjustable Knot Hat Knit Hat CapAnother superior baby hat we highly recommend is the Galabloomer Newborn Baby Adjustable Hat. This hat is machine washable and suitable for babies between of 0 to 4 months. However, it’s not the most insulated baby winter hat, so you should look for a thicker hat for outdoor trips in cold weather.

The hat is made of a soft, stretchable material and your baby can easily wear this hat for long hours without any irritation or discomfort. The head circumference ranges from 11.6″ up to about 15″ – not as stretchy as some but these breathable soft hats will keep your baby warm and comfortable.

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Winter Baby Hats FAQ’S

Q: Why does my baby need a hat?

A: Aside from aesthetic reasons, hats are essential as they perform several functions. They regulate the temperature within the hat to prevent complications from elements, like a cold. They also protect the baby’s delicate head from injuries, grazing, and a whole lot of other issues.

Q: Is breathability really necessary?

A: Absolutely! Most young parents may not realize this, but getting a hat that offers breathability is highly important for airflow to the baby’s head – even while being protected from the weather. Otherwise, your baby’s skin may get irritated over time or develop other unwanted issues.

Q: Are these hats washable?

A: Almost all baby hats are washable. The hats on our list are either machine and hand washable. Most manufacturers provide a description of what type of washing the hat can endure without shrinking or losing color.



It is very important to keep your baby comfortable and safe at all times, which means that every product that ensures this should be of the highest quality. While winter hats for babies aren’t all that sophisticated, you can still go wrong.

With that in mind, we hope that our top list of the best baby hats for winter helped you find the most fitting model for your baby’s needs. If you have any other recommendations or tips, leave them in the comments below.

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